Why are we doing this?


Silentmode is built on the founders’ mental health mission. After suffering a workplace breakdown in 2016, Bradley Dowding-Young and co-founder Jens H. Nielsen set out to create a new type of mental fitness practice designed for their personal needs. Having studied many other forms of stress relief and mental relaxation methods, Dowding-Young worked to design regular, specific breathing exercises with targeted outcomes.

These short exercises form the basis of the company’s Breathonics app, and Silentmode’s hardware products are built to deliver them in private (Powermask) or group (Zense) settings.

By 2030, the cost to the global economy of all mental health problems could amount to $16 trillion.’ World Economic Forum

Our purpose at Silent Mode is to develop simple tools and techniques that help 100m people around the world improve their health, wellbeing, and happiness while making mental health cool. We aim to do this by helping you activate mind and body balance through breathwork, meditation and sleep supported by music, science and technology.