The PowerMask

Yes, the Silentmode PowerMask is the perfect tool to assist you with your meditation and breathwork. 

Although never designed for over night sleep, many of our users have reported improved sleep. Naps are the perfect use case for Silentmode as well as practicing your breathwork and meditation. 

No. The Powermask isn't ANC but passive noise isolation. Listen to our unique Breathonics™ content and block out the world.

Please leave the PowerMask on and let the PowerMask completely run out of battery. The orange light on the Powermask will stop flashing once it is dead. Once it is out of battery, please give it an overnight charge without turning it on, and this will fix your issue!

Make sure your phone and the Powermask are not connected to any other devices. 

Once you have done that the Powermask should come up as ‘Silentmode’ on your  Device

Our speakers are modular, therefore when the wires can become a bit loose and can tend to cause these static noises. 

What you can do is take off the inner mask and then unplug and replug the wires connected to the speakers. This will stop these static noises or any other audio issues you may have.

Yes the mask is modular. Simply remove the inner eye mask, place into the washing bag provided and wash on, or below a 30° heat. IMPORTANT do not wash the outer mask which contains the electronic parts.

The Silentmode Powermask will send a series of Audio Bleeps when the battery has 30 minutes of life left and requires an overnight charge.

Silentmode comes in two sizes. M-L and L-XL so there is a size for everyone.

M-L is 24.8in - 63cm - 7 3/4

L-XL is 26.3in - 67cm - 8 ¼

Returns and Refunds

For returns, please return the Powermask to:

Room 705, Block A, PMQ, 35 Aberdeen Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

Once it is returned, we process 100% refunds. 

Please note: at this stage, we are unable to cover the costs of shipping the items back to us due to already providing free shipping and 100% refunds! Feel Free to Email us on if you have any questions. 


Once shipped, PowerMasks take around 10-20 days to arrive. We send all customers a tracking number on their Email as well. 


 For any issues please feel free to contact via email on:

You can also call us on: +85267033710