The Powermask

The Powermask is a wireless audio face mask designed for rest, relaxation, meditation, and total visual blackout.

The Silentmode team spent hundreds of hours prototyping this mask to ensure that it doesn't touch the eyes and delivers great audio.

Yes. The Silentmode Powermask is the perfect tool to assist you with your meditation and breathwork. 

Yes. Many of our users have reported improved sleep while wearing the Powermask. Naps are a perfect use case for the product, as well as a quiet space for practicing breathwork or meditation. 

Yes! The Powermask is perfect for planes, trains, and automobiles (as long as someone else is driving). We recommend using a Travel Case for easy packing.

Silentmode comes in two sizes, M-L and L-XL, so there is a size for everyone. We recommend M-L for all but the largest heads, as both sizes are adjustable to fit a wide range of people.

M-L is 24.8in - 63cm - 7 3/4

L-XL is 26.3in - 67cm - 8 ¼

The Powermask battery lasts a week of regular (daily) use. When the battery is down to 30 minutes of life, the mask will make a series of chirps warning of low power.

Re-charging takes roughly 5 hours, depending on the charger used.

Yes. The Powermask is modular, and the portion that touches the skin is washable. Simply remove the inner eye mask, place into the washing bag provided, and wash at or below 30°C.

IMPORTANT: Please do not wash the outer mask which contains the electronic parts!

The Powermask is noise isolating and doesn't feature active noise cancellation. After testing, we found some users had a poor reaction to the balancing frequencies of active noise cancellation, and were more relaxed without the counter frequencies. In our testing, 100% blackout with close range audio provides the best relaxation in most situations.

Please turn on the Powermask by pressing the orange button on the battery pack. The orange light on the front of the Powermask should start pulsing quickly, and the mask should show up as "Silentmode" in your phone's Bluetooth device list. Select it, and the light should change to a slow "breathing" style pulse.

If not, please turn Bluetooth off and then on again on your phone, and try again.

If "Silentmode" appears as a device in the Bluetooth list but still will not connect, try to turn off the Powermask by holding the power button on the battery pack for 5 seconds. The orange light on the front should fade slowly out and turn off. Wait a second and then turn it back on and try again.

If this doesn't solve the problem, please give the Powermask a full charge, until the light on the front turns off, and then turn it on and try again. This resets both the power management chip and the bluetooth.

The velcro should attach cleanly to all parts of the Powermask. We attach a white cloth or black paper cover to the velcro during shipping to protect the Powermask. Please remove the protection and the velcro should be easy to secure.

The Powermask speakers are designed to be modular and movable to provide a wide range of fit options. Please try sliding them around to find the perfect fit for your ears.

The speakers are wired with a safe, user-removable white connector. Please unplug and re-connect to find a great fit and firm connection.


The Zense is a uniquely shaped wireless speaker!

The Silentmode team partnered with audio experts to design a durable, portable, waterproof speaker with a vibration mode for meditation, relaxation, travel, and great audio!

Yes! With the included cushion, the Zense works as an immersive pillow speaker, perfect for guided meditation, breathwork, or rest.

At the office our team loves to lie down on the floor or on a yoga mat with the Zense behind our heads for a quick nap. A twenty minute Breathonics nap is the perfect way to recharge after lunch!

At home, any comfortable resting spot provides a great base for Zense, whether it be in bed or on a sofa. 

If you have two Zense available, try one behind the head and one behind the knees for a full body vibration experience

Yes, the vibration mode is a blend of physical sensation and balanced audio output as a result of our custom audio processing profile, flexible speaker membrane, and dual amps.

The Zense comes with a removable cushion that creates a soft behind the head surface without muting the sound. With the cushion on, Zense is a great pillow speaker for meditation and breath training.

Yes. We recommend the Deep Dive Rest tracks and Power Down exercises with Vibration mode as the lower frequencies create stronger vibration to help your body rest and relax, and the vibration mode, especially with the included cushion, is a great back-of-the-head relaxation tool.

Yes! The Zense is designed to support all audio types, and works especially well with any custom audio designed to create physical response. 

Yes! The Zense is designed to deliver frequency as low as 20Hz. While these tones may not be audible, Zense will vibrate and deliver the tone physically.

Yes! The Zense floats, thanks to it's unique design.

The Zense is also completely waterproof (as long as the USB-C port is covered).

The Zense features 24 hour battery life in most conditions.

4-5 hours, depending on the type of charger used.


Breathonics is a breathing and relaxation app that provides custom breathing exercises, immersive relaxation tracks, and personalized guidance based on heart rate and sleep patterns.

Available now on iOS, it's the perfect companion to Silentmode's hardware products, the Powermask and Zense!

No! Breathonics is the best way to rest and breathe with or without the Powermask or Zense. It's a free download and provides custom guidance based on sleep and heart rate. Breathonics teaches the best way to rest, relax, and feel better in just five minutes.

Give it a try!

No! The Powermask is a wireless audio mask and sounds wonderful with any audio.

We did design the Powermask specifically for Breathonics breathing and rest tracks, so we hope you'll give the combination a try!

No! As a truly unique portable speaker, the Zense sounds great with all audio.

We did design the cushion and vibration mode specifically for Breathonics breathing and rest tracks, so we hope you'll give the combination a try!

Our custom-designed rest content, built specifically for the Powermask, is available for free in the Silentmode Android app, distributed on the Google Play store.

Our Breathonics custom breathing exercises are available in our new iOS app, along with the same custom-designed rest tracks, available on the App Store.

We are always evaluating new opportunities and look forward to bringing Breathonics to Android in the future.


Silentmode's HQ and logistics are in Hong Kong, and we ship six days a week, excluding Hong Kong public holidays. If your order is placed on a Sunday or a Hong Kong holiday, it will go out the next business day.

Orders should ship next day, Monday to Friday. All weekend orders are shipped on the following Monday. Delivery times vary based on selected shipping method and delivery location.

Our standard offerings are regular post, which ranges from 3 to 28 working days depending on the shipping address, and express shipping, which takes between 3-5 days for most locations.

Returns and Refunds

Initial Zense orders will ship in September 2021.

We offer 30 day no-questions-asked returns, as long as the product is undamaged and re-sellable.

As a small startup, we are unable to cover the costs of return shipping.

Please email to confirm a return, and please ship the product back to:

Silentmode Returns c/o

GO Logistics and Storage Company Limited

Unit 2502, Goodman Global Gateway

168 Yeung Uk Road, Tsuen Wan

Hong Kong 999077

We offer 30 day no-questions-asked returns, as long as the product is undamaged.

Please ship the product back to us at:

Silentmode Returns c/o

GO Logistics and Storage Company Limited

Unit 2502, Goodman Global Gateway

168 Yeung Uk Road, Tsuen Wan

Hong Kong 999077

If your return is undamaged and re-usable, we will refund the order when the unit is received.

We are unable to cover the costs of return shipping. As a small startup, we subsidize shipping on all orders and work hard to provide no-questions-asked refunds for up to 30 days from receipt of product.

If you have a specific issue, please email us at for help.


Please email with any questions.

We monitor emails Monday to Friday, and appreciate your understanding if you have an issue on weekends.