Can I use the Powermask to meditate?
Yes, the Silentmode Powermask is the perfect tool to assist you with your meditation and breathwork.

Is this an Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) device?
No. The Powermask is not ANC, instead it is designed to provide passive noise isolation. Listen to our unique Breathonics content and block out the world.

Is this a sleeping mask?
Although never designed for overnight sleep, many of our users have reported improved sleep while wearing the Powermask. Naps are a perfect use case for the product, as well as a quiet space for practicing breathwork or meditation.

Can I wash the device?
Yes the mask is modular. Simply remove the inner eye mask, place into the washing bag provided and wash on, or below a 30° heat. IMPORTANT: Please do not wash the outer mask which contains the electronic parts!

Does vibration mode still create sound?
Yes, the vibration mode is a blend of physical sensation and balanced audio output as a result of our custom audio processing profile, flexible speaker membrane, and dual amps.

Can Zense play my personal audio content?
Yes! The Zense is designed to support all audio types, and works especially well with any custom audio designed to create physical response.

Can Zense play a 40 hz tone?
Yes! The Zense is designed to deliver frequency as low as 20Hz. While these tones may not be audible, Zense will vibrate and deliver the tone physically.

Does the Zense really float?
Yes! The Zense floats and is completely waterproof (as long as the USB-C port is covered).

How long does the battery last?
The Zense features 24 hour battery life in most conditions

How long does the Zense take to charge?
4-5 hours, depending on the type of charger used.

Do all Breathonics tracks work with the Zense’s vibration mode?
Yes. We recommend the Deep Dive Rest tracks and Power Down exercises with Vibration mode as the lower frequencies create stronger vibration to help your body rest and relax, and the vibration mode, especially with the included cushion, is a great back-of-the-head relaxation tool.

How should I use vibration mode?
At the office our team loves to lie down on the floor or on a yoga mat with the Zense behind our heads for a quick nap. A twenty minute Breathonics nap is the perfect way to recharge after lunch!

At home, any comfortable resting spot provides a great base for Zense, whether it be in bed or on a sofa.

If you have two Zense available, try one behind the head and one behind the knees for a full body vibration experience