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Who are we?

Silentmode is a health tech startup on a mission to help the world relax. Started by co-founders who’ve been through workplace burnout and battled depression, we seek to help others find mind and body balance through music, science and technology. From five minute breathing exercises to power naps, we try to teach easy and peaceful ways to conquer the challenges of modern life. Building on our own needs, we want to encourage a new audience to consider their mental health as a part of an active lifestyle. Let us teach you how to breathe, nap, and sleep your way to a happier life.

Silentmode is built on the founders’ mental health mission. After suffering a workplace breakdown in 2016, Bradley Dowding-Young and co-founder Jens H. Nielsen set out to create a new type of mental fitness practice designed for their personal needs. Having studied many other forms of stress relief and mental relaxation methods, Dowding-Young worked to design regular, specific breathing exercises with targeted outcomes. These short exercises form the basis of the company’s Breathonics app, and Silentmode’s hardware products are built to deliver them in private (Powermask) or group (Zense) settings.

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Why do we exist

The majority of meditation/mindful practice companies target users already engaged in similar pursuits. We offer a new type of mental fitness practice focusing on three pillars of physical health as a foundation for mental health: breathwork, napping, and sleep. Sleep is the foundation of mental fitness, naps are the middle ground, a tool for recovery, and breathing provides the focus and body control that enables success. Our formula for building mental health is simple: If you can, sleep. If you can’t sleep, nap. And if you can’t nap, take five minutes to breathe. We bring an offering to people who aren’t activated by the current messages of meditation or mindfulness. By harnessing the language of exercise and the beats of electronic music, we provide a new approach to a nascent category.

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