A speaker you can feel

Listening to music relaxes the mind. Feeling it relaxes the body. Zense is the first connected vibration speaker designed to do both. Feel what you've been missing and try a new sensory experience with friends.

Physical sound

This is the first speaker designed with a vibrating membrane. Created in collaboration with world famous Bongiovi Acoustics.

Breathonics musical frequencies are designed to relax the body. With most speakers, some of that impact is lost. With Zense, low frequencies are turned into vibrations you can feel, revealing the hidden power of your favorite sounds. 


Zense comes with a custom comfort pillow designed to be laid on. Connect your Zense together with a friend using our Tap-to-Share function and enjoy your favorite meditations or Breathwork classes together.

Feel Better

With custom audio designed specifically for vibration, our Breathonics app provides a gateway to relaxation in as little as five minutes. So there is always time to feel. Better. 

The Power of Sound

Whether you want to relax and Power Down before bed or Power Up and get focused before an important day, we have you covered. From low pulsing delta frequencies to motoring 16 Hz Binaural Beats, Zense delivers a unique experience you have never felt before.

We have spent over a year developing the Zense in collaboration with sleep science coaches and the leading frequency tuning house Bongiovi Acoustic Labs, to deliver a stunning physical experience that can change the way you FEEL.

Zense works alone or connected with friends. Breathe, meditate or simply enjoy the music while connected to the people you care about most. Zenze and our iOS app Breathonics provide the perfect place to unlock the power of relaxation: Breathe, Nap and Sleep your way to better mental health.