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Reach peak state, become peak human.

The SILENTMODE™ PowerMask™ with Beats by Breathonics™ is the fastest, easiest way to improve your mindset.



100% Blackout

Sensory Experience

Ultra premium, high quality PowerMask made from the finest Japanese materials.

24hr Battery-Life

For peace of mind

Bluetooth 4.3 and our low impedience battery ensures a long lasting, high quality connection.

Super Sonic Sound

Premium audio drivers

Hi-Fidelity custom built audio system designed to deliver Psychoacoustic and Therapeutic sonic experiences.

Noise Isolation

Shut off the world on demand

Passive noise isolation turns down the volume of life to create your own personal, private mind space.

Tried for the first time and loved it!! Now I can't live without it and it comes with me every time I travel. This is the best money I've spent in a long time.

J V Liria

Amazing bit of kit! Using it between personal training sessions and it's adding some Yin to my Yang! Highly recommended...Love it!

A Newland

I am in love with this product.

R Wedlock

This will 100% be a game changer for someone who has dealt with anxiety, stress, and sleep deprivation.

R Ashbolt

Music to Breathe to.

Bundled with the Silentmode™ PowerMask™ is Breathonics™ our proprietary training system. Developed in collaboration with the world's leading Breathwork and Sleep Science Coaches, we take music and Breathwork and fuse them into an immersive audio experience you've never felt before.

Start Practicing Today

Download the FREE mobile app and unlock the power of oxygen today. Take control anywhere, anytime and improve your mindset immediately.



Breathwork is the fastest way to train your body’s natural relaxation mechanism.


Switch off and boost melatonin with our our Powermask made of the finest Japanese materials. 


Practice your Breathwork training with psycho-acoustic soundscapes and beautiful, modern atmospheres.