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Get the edge. Beat the rest.

Become super human...

We are over worked, overtrained and over burdened. The constant need to always be on will take it's toll on your wellbeing. Take your rest game seriously with the Powermask by Silentmode and learn how to train your nervous system to build your body's natural relaxation mechanism. Deal with anything, go the extra mile.

and recharge yourself.

Silentmode is your own, personal sanctuary.

A toolkit packed with professional relaxation and Breathwork training. Connect your health data and let us help you switch off when it matters.

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Silentmode Powermask™

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Kevin Gillotti - Endurance Athlete

"Between training, travel and racing 40 races a year, I need the time I have for a timeout to be spent effectively. Silentmode blocks out the distractions and lets me focus on... not having to focus"

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Deep breathing benefits both physical and mental health. The best way to start a busy day and help you prepare for the big race. Start training your nervous system today.

Instant Focus, Balance & Clarity

2. Performance Napping

Rebuild your cognitive function and learn how to nap on demand. Silentmode™ will help you train your body to switch off based on your total weekly sleep minutes.

Productivity, Energy & Alertness

3. Recharge Mode

The ultimate rest and recovery mode. At Silentmode™ we believe everyone deserves good rest. Drift off with Psychoacoustic soundscapes developed in collaboration with leading sleep science coaches.

Sharpen attention, Lower stress & Improves memory

Improve your resting heart rate


Can I wash the device?

Yes the mask is modular. Simply remove the inner eye mask, place into the washing bag provided and wash on, or below a 30° heat. IMPORTANT do not wash the outmask which contains the electronic parts. 

How do I connect the device?

The device simply connects using Bluetooth to your smart devices, however, the device also comes with an audio cable for analogue mode where Bluetooth is not required.

How do I know if the battery is charged?

The Silentmode AudioMask™ will send a series of Audio Bleeps when the battery has 30 minutes of life left and requires an overnight charge.

Can I connect other audio sources?

Yes Silentmode is Blutooth 4.3 connected allowing you to connect to any audio source.

Can I use Silentmode to meditate?

Yes Silentmode is perfect for meditating. Use our Breathonics content or connect to any of your normal meditation content.

Does Silentmode have Active Noise Cancellation?

No. Silentmode™ isn't ANC but passive noise isolation. Listen to our unique Breathonics™ content and block out the world.

What sizes does Silentmode come in ?

Silentmode comes in two sizes. M-L and L-XL so there is a size for everyone.
M-L is 24.8in - 63cm - 7 3/4
L-XL is 26.3in - 67cm - 8 1/4