the Powermask comes with 6 months free Breathonics training

The Powermask by Silentmode is the first sensory deprivation mask for mental fitness training. Create a quiet space and follow our guided wellness trainers as they help you activate balance of mind and body.

Powermask by Silentmode
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Adjustable. M-L size fits most, or L-XL for larger heads.

M-L: 24.8in - 63cm - 7 7/8

L-XL: 26.3in - 67cm - 8 1/4

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Everyone deserves to perform at their best. Practice breathing workouts, Powernaps and musical mental fitness training with the Powermask and Breathonics™.


The Breathonics™ app takes your mental performance to the next level. Breathing exercises and heart rate variability (HRV) training can help you channel your energy and elevate your focus to new heights.

Connect The Breathonics app and track your biometrics and progress in real time as we create a custom recommendation program for you to sleep, nap and breathe your way to a better life.



The POWERMASK is for people that understand the importance of mental fitness. Just like your body, your mind is enhanced by regular workouts. 


This is a unique experience that combines Breathing workouts, Blackout experiences and evidence-based Beats.

Access proprietary Breathing and relaxation programmes from renowned coaches and train your nervous system anywhere, anytime.



Make the most of your downtime while you travel, keeping fresh and rested.


Work smart with daily workouts keeping you energised and productive.


Start the day with a focus workout or power down before you sleep


“Perfect piece of equipment to shut off from the world for an hour or so. Can help when in anxious mode, flights and any other time you feel to switch off”

Nathaniel “The Prospect” Woods, UFC Bantamweight, England

“I was well rested with more energy... Silentmode helped take my team to the finals that year...The statistics of my percentages went from 41 to 47% from the 3 point line, and 44 to 48% from the field goal...Numbers don’t lie.”

Alex Acker, Former NBA Player, LA Clippers USA