A New Way to Relax - Introducing Zense by Silentmode

At Silentmode we often say “to relax the mind, first relax the body”. It’s a way to remind ourselves that mental stress, and therefore mental health, are built on our physical wellbeing. Not enough sleep? Too much coffee? A hangover? These are physical symptoms that have obvious impacts on our mental health. The other direction is less obvious: worries about money, about disease, or just work interactions are all mental, but the anguish builds up in the same place. By relaxing our bodies we are able to calm the mind, and give ourselves the resilience to tackle the insurmountable.

Everything we build at Silentmode is structured around this belief. From the Powermask’s ability to black out the world to Breathonics’ 5 minute breathing exercises for energy, we are focused on providing tools and techniques to relax despite obstacles. With the Powermask we proved that a brief nap could be enough, by wrapping the head in sound and the eyes in Japanese microfibre. In the past three years tens of thousands of people have shared the peace of having surround sound without earbuds and a place to rest without a pillow. Through our Breathonics app, launched last year on iOS, thousands more have learned how to breathe again, and which specific breathing patterns would focus, energize, or unwind the nervous system.

This year we are excited to take the next step with Zense. By building a wireless speaker with incredible vibration capabilities, we’ve enabled a new type of physical experience. Playing audio specifically designed to incorporate low frequencies, the Zense soothes with sound and touch. Putting the Zense behind the head, with included cushion attached, allows our rest content to be felt as well as heard. Vibrations, delivered directly to the body, serve much the same purpose as our repetitive breathing exercises, that of an intentional override to the standard rhythm of our body. By forcing the sound into our nervous system through both ears and skin, the Zense enables a depth of relaxation above and beyond mere audio systems. It’s a breakthrough that must be experienced to be understood, and one we’re so excited to share.

So grab a Zense today, and feel the difference. Or check out our Breathonics app and learn how to quickly take charge of your mood. Either way, welcome, we’re glad you found us, and good luck on your journey to relaxation.